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Very rare 1971 Harley Davidson model GE Servi-car. This one has been upgraded by the fitment of an1993 Sportster 883 cc engine and 5 speed gearbox and later Heritage big twin front end, which makes for a much more useable machine than the wheezy and gutless old 750cc flathead 45 but I am sure the flat cap brigade will vermently disagree with me.

I bought it last year from ebay with out giving it a test ride last time I will do that again. It was a real dog dreadful wiring no Speedo drive no warning lights well knackered pistons and barrels woeful rear brakes and a charming habit of driving down the road with the steering slamming from side to side great if you don't want to do over five miles an hour.

But now after a complete strip down / rebuild and a very lot of work it's now a great driving trike. Frame and brackets have been black powder coated, wiring re done, including wiring in warning lights for neutral, full beam, all missing and broken parts replaced. New factory pistons and barrels rear brakes fitted with new proper size bore master cylinder. New front tyre, new steering damper, new windscreen.

As a bit of a custom touch the front and rear brakes are linked to the one foot pedal through an adjustable proposing valve, along with internal throttle, suicide foot clutch and a jockey shift gives bare handle bars. Very easy to drive with but could easily be changed back to standard. The rear axle is not Harley but a reliant unit not a bad thing thou as it makes parts much easer to find and cheaper but looks amaze ling similar to the Harley unit.

So there you have a very very rare and great driving trike years tax and test only selling this and my 1955 Chevrolet truck as a chance to buy a hotrod I want has came up. And can be ridden on a full car licence or a provisional with L plates. £7000 [email protected] 07752607136


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