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Well it has the chevy 350 5.7litre on holley 600 4 barrel carb. The carb could do with a bit of a little tweek as its running a little rich and can be a little hard to start when cold. The engine has got chrome rocker covers etc. I have also fully resprayed the car including the engine so it sets it all off nicely. The car has a season 4 nose cone, scanner light, 15 inch pontiac alloys with bowling ball caps (unfortunatly not turbocast but do look ok and do the job). It also has the black out panel on the back lights and comes with the knight plate.
The inside has the season 2 dashboard with lower and upper consoles and switchpods. It also has the pmd seats in tan leather. the front seats are in good condition but the bottom of the back seats are split but can berepaired by a seat surgeon (beyond my skills).
The car is tested till 23rd august but will be sorned for a couple of months till the salt dissappears from the road. i will be putting 6 months on at end of march for show season. The car is in good condition but just needs the finshing touches to make it great. It sure does turns heads when you drive it as everyone knows it. I am asking for £9500 but i am open to offers. I am just testing the water as they say to see what interest there is. Thanks for looking. It also has some spares aswell. I have a spare heated back window. Spare headlight mechinisms and relays when i get them back. Rear boot struts. Rear bumper. Front crossbeam and bumper reinforcments. Some electric bits and pieces. Rear lights. Might be some more but cant remember.
I am looking for a 1999 - 2004 gt with manuel trans. i really miss mine and wish i never sold it. So i would be willing to make a deal if anyone is interested.

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