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Sadly I have to sell my daily. I'm doing way too many miles just to get to work and whilst it does a reasonable mpg the 150+ miles a week is way too much.

I've replaced the HEI Unit, Coil, Cap & Rotor, Plugs, HT Leads, MAS, and tyres. It's got a stainless exhaust and decent headlights. I've also replaced all the speakers as the orginal ones were rubbish. The headlights have been uprated.

It needs an MOT, I don't have time, and is taxed till 12/09. The headlining has Camaro-itis, is sagging, and has been cut at the rear behind the passenger seat. It could use a new belt tension pulley and there is a blow from the exhaust somewhere. Driver's seat has a small tear.

The exterior is in average shape but there are a few cracks in the paint and a couple of nicks from where people haven't seen it parked!!

This shape is increasingly harder to find and I've never seen a V6 manual before.

I'm hoping for £1500 but am open to near offers.

Give me a call on 07905 564 386. I'm in Maidstone.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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