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Model: ford p100 pickup
Year: 1991
Tax: no
MOT: no
Location: colchester
Price: £250

Additional Information:

reduced to £100 without engine or box
hmm, where to start with this one.
well, its another random project laying around I don't really need.

bed is in excellent nick, as is tailgate, as its an ex-norwich council truck, so was fully ply lined ( now removed) and has been well and regularly maintained because of this. got a few scrapes/etc as youd expect, but on the whole very straight and solid.

unfortunately the guy I got it off had decided to chop out most of the firewall and tunnel to fit a stupid 6-pot motor. luckily he cut it out as 2 big chunks, then gave up, and ive got both bits, so all it needs is the width of a grinding disk welding up all the way round for it to be corrected. the slam panel was also cut out, but it was damaged, so I just capped off the corners of that and fitted bonnet pins instead of a normal catch. the bonnet has had the inner skin removed, and has hinge spacers on it. the bumpers had all the foam removed form it and mounts on dzus fasteners. this was gunna be a cheap drift slag-cum-parts hauler, hence the lightening mods.

it has stock sierra sapphire stuts fitted, and the subframe spacers removed, so its now standard sierra height on the front(about 2" lower than stock p100), and 4 stud. so now all the usual cheap sierra brake and suspension mods fit- lowering springs, pads, etc.
back is still standard.

its got a towbar + electrics fitted.

fuel tank looks new.

interior is stripped, theres no seats, the tarboards been removed, the doorcards are all there and untouched, and all dash/gauges/heater/blower parts are there, but not fitted. its got the saph gauges with tacho.

the motor I have for it is a 2L 20-block pinto with weber 32/36 from a cortina, which is complete and in good condition. its mated to the standard p100 5 speed box, but it isnt currently fitted, its under the bench in the corner of my workshop, wrapped in pallet wrap.

aside from the aforementioned firewall/tunnel indescrepancies, its actually needs very little welding. it needs a 2" spare patch each side where the rear chassis rails join into the cab monocoque, where they all go. the bed is only laid on, not bolted down, as ive had it off once. aside from that it only needs a few inches of the back end of the drivers sill replacing..

basically, it needs the firewall back in, a few patches doing, the motor and box chucking in, some brake service parts+ bleeding, and some seats fitting. I don't have the time or inclination for it now, and ive just got another working on the road pickup, so theres no point in me having it really.

on, and ive got the v5 for it.

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