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Hi, thanks for looking at my advert

I'm currently completing a body off rebuild and larger engine conversion on my 1980 TVR Tasmin

As such the current installed engine / gearbox setup is surplus to requirements

This advert is for the Engine / Bell housing / Gearbox and all ancillaries such as dizzy, water pump, alternator etc, (the engine mounts / manifolds / fuel injection / plenum etc are not included though)

The spec of the engine is as follows = Big valve stage 2 cylinder heads, 3 angle valves with bulleted valve stems, composite gaskets, Blower cam, Rhodes hi-rev lifters, Crane duplex cam chain and sprockets, new oil pump, new water pump, remote oil filter. The engine / box is from a TVR Tasmin 350i (engine number = 37A01451) you can check on the Rimmers web to confirm this is a TVR engine vs from a Ranger Rover / SD1 etc. Was putting out a good 210BHP

Gearbox is a LT77 box with AP Racing Clutch

NOW FOR THE BAD NEWS = upon removal of the plenum the engine has snapped a pushrod and the associated lifter has popped out - as such the engine is being sold as spares / repairs. However she was running on 7 cylinders prior to strip down last week, click here for a video = IMG_4633_zps766d48c7.mp4 Video by gmw9666 | Photobucket

The engine / box are still in the car so a little time will be needed to remove or come and do it yourself if you need it now, you are more than welcome.

Ideal to either strip for parts to put the Stage 2 heads and performance elements on your RV8…OR…rebuild it…OR…just replace the pushrod and put the lifter back in………..the choice is yours

Please note that a set of Stage 2 heads on their own cost over a grand so I'm not going to give this away and feel this is a good price for all the above - email me if you want to haggle :)

Price I'm looking for is £900

If you want to come and view please ask, not a problem

Clearly due to the weight of the items collection is desired and as such cash on Collection or Paypal Please (a holding deposit will be required)

Any questions don't hesitate to ask

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Box, bell housing and clutch are now sold.

Engine with stage 2 heads is still available, £675
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