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Help/advice needed, pretty please!

Repro Steel body on 30mm x 15mm subrails...Section diag....Most probably/definately not to scale.

I am wondering how these (I've called them tie panels for now) are sited in relation to the subrails.
I need to get this sorted before I can continue really as one option (B) needs doing now and the other can be done at the end (A) when the body is finished off underneath. :beuj:

I'm guessing that the subrail to body must be tab fixed from the subrails to body panels at intervals to hold the panels equal in height and distance from the chassis, then finished off all the way along the chassis.
I'm also not sure if the A and B door pillars even overlap the chassis at all as at the moment they sit more to the outside edge of the chassis (looking at the bottom RH corner on diagrams)
The body is still all loose and I need to get this right in my head so I can get on with it. ;)

Have I got any of these ideas right or is there a better way?

Also what gap is needed between finished body and chassis to lessen the chances of damage when refitting with a new paint job?

Thanks for any replies,

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