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pair of tapered perch spacers, or tapered nylock nuts
shiney perches -sorted

cowl / firewall rad support brackets - sorted
zz4 85 onwards mini starter for sbc
electronic speedo guage set
350 2 bolt caps and crank with harmonic doofer and flex plate
sump too
10mm or 3/8ths or what ever the so-cal traditionalist batwing rod ends are - in shiney, with the threaded bar too iff poss.
2'' steering column drop, with the slot for the ribbon on top, or a 2.25 with a spacer
32 insert - ha ha ha I finally boughT a steel grille shell ha ha ha ha NO CRANKIE HOLE
32 rad sbc
ooh need some 32 33 34 pick up doors or need to use a pair to measure from and plasticine / plaster/ bondo mould from
10.25 hub caps sorted
electronic speedo guage set - not need a revometer
pair of 1310 diff universal joint u bolt thingemybobs sorted
pair of 5 by 15 vintique smoothies

32 tank
32 front and rear spreader bars
32 frame to chevy engine mount bracketry
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