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Right well I'm getting rid of everything now to fund something I have my eye on :)

Prices are what I paid for them less a little on the ones that have been used (the dizzy and started fired up my 350 a couple of times, I will get casting numbers for the heads and block but as it stands its an 8.35:1 ratio set up

I'm not interested in trades unfortunately, cash is king and prices are pretty firm, I'm located in Cumbria if anyone wishes to come view the items

The short 454 engine is as follows;

Honed block at standard bore, Hastings Piston rings, Crank ground 10 thou with new Clevite rod and mains all installed with a good helping of Clevite Moly paste and Felpro crank seals. For anyone who is interested in this I am more than happy to turn the block over and let them take a mains cap off to check these are new. I have photos of myself installing them and they are all torqued to spec. The engine comes with the following; Felpro Gasket kit for timing cover and sump, Felpro top end gaskets for head and water pump, Mr Gasket gaskets for exhaust manifolds, Brand new Sealed Power towing cam, Brand new GM genuine HYD lifters, Brand new Cloyes double roller timing gears and chain, Brand new Mr Gasket high tensile rod bolts have been installed in the con rods along with the Hastings rings, Stock cast iron exhaust manifolds, High volume water pump, New sump and timing cover bolts too, theres also a good used cam that looks like its done a couple of thousand miles which can go free with the engine


The engine can then come with the following or these will be sold of piece by piece (prices are piece by piece, PM for package deals on multiple items)

Fully ported cylinder heads, these come with the following; New Champion plugs, Brand new Comp Cam HD push rods, Brand new GM genuine rocker arms, Brand new single springs with dampers, Brand new Felpro head gasket kit with inlet gaskets, rocker gaskets etc - £350

Brand new Edelbrock Performer 2.0 inlet manifold and Mr Gasket inlet gaskets - £190

Rebuilt Holley Double Pumper 650 - £160

Brand new flex plate from Blaze - £35

New ish (used to fire up my 350 then stored) 3hp high torque mini starter from Real Steel, still in warranty - £140 (Real steel price before VAT)

Holley Blue top pump with pressure regulator - £75

Fuel lines - £15

Cast aluminium valve covers in matte black with brushed bow tie and fins - £55

HEI dizzy, 65k version - £90

Mr Gasket chrome pancake filter, brand new again - £35

Weiand 8v71 blower with front cover - £800

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