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Hey Everyone, long time lurker... figured I would post some photo's & say hi :)
(did have an account here but really dont remember username / email etc so easier to start fresh).

Bought the 55 morris minor couple of years ago, and is still a driving work in progress. She's called Betty Bones, named after HellCat & The Prowl song.

I'll skip over the last few years of random tinkering but if you do want to see any, I can be found on morrisminorowners as "The_Count".
Long story short, to date - rehooped rear & van front wheels, custom sun visor (made by Whitby Paul), striping by stevie ray, teeth, quarter bumpers, dropped front suspension (although plucking up the guts to go custom subframe with airride).

A few recent photos, as I've just had the ol' girl to a local show:

If you want to keep more up to date with this, feel free to follow my tumblr account - or Instagram (splitscreen_55), but will make the effort to keep up to date here.

Thanks for reading :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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