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This is my 1961 Ford Thunderbird, 390 V8. It is fitted with the optional "swing away" steering wheel which allows the steering column to swing across to the centre of the car to make it easier to get in and out.

I have owned this car for over seven years now. Over the years most of the mechanicals on the underside have been replaced, its had a new diff, rear springs, all bushes and ball joints and a whole manner of other bits and pieces.
The plan now is for electronic ignition, headers and then get started on the body work as it is starting to show its age around the edges and will need a few patch pannels. I think i might go for an LPG conversion too so i can afford to use it more.

I would be interested in talking to any of the previous owners especially the person that imported it in the late 90's. It spent alot of time in the Kent area and used to be pale yellow with a black roof.

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