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like patina? here you go!!

I bought this as a parts car, but in truth its probably more solid than mine(despite appearances!!)

Model: vauxhall victor FC 101 deluxe.

Year: 1966.

Mileage:dont know



Pics: full album here-
rat victor pictures by dezaster - Photobucket

please note its now all cleaned out inside, and all the missing trim apart from the front indicator lenses has been replaced.

Location: manningtree nr. colechester, north essex.

well, where to start with it? its been sat in a barn for 20 years, then its in a flood and looks rough as hell!! it needs some welding and the engine ressembling (ancillaries wise, rest is together), cleaning, and just general recommissioning.
when I got it, it had loads of bits missing, mostly trim and engine ancillaries. ive now managed to source pretty much all of these bits, so its now a complete car again. these bits include-
rear lights
dash switch panel + switchgear
bonnet lettering
bonnet latch
heater control valve(hard to find and expensive)
stainless wiper arms
all interior chrome handles

ive also purchased some of the brake parts it needs, and stripped all the ancillaries off my blown up engine out of my other one to replace the ones off this, including a rebuilt carb and an alternator upgrade. theres some spare too, ile thro in all the engine bits ive got as they're no use for my one now. ive also taken the complete rear brakes off my one for this so the drums I had to smash off are now replaced, and it rolls freely (unlike when I sent scotty to collect it!) ive checked over the engine and all seems good. not siezed, no play, no water has been in it.
its wearing (Some) of its original paint, storm grey, with a full red vinyl interior. the seats are pretty good, and the interior hasnt really got wet it was only the carpets, it just needs a damn good clean, apart from the top part of the rear seat that is ripped on the bit that gets sun-bleached. the door cards are good but could do with recarding, the rest of the interior is rough/non existant (carpets etc.)

its a 1500cc engine with the bonus of the optional extra 4-speed gearbox upgrade, drums all round, no servo.
I have also got a donor piece of dash to replace the damaged section around the ashtray, and a new set of locks and keys.
chromework is surprisingly good, with little to no pitting or rust. I think its only the rear bumper that has a bit, front one is deffo vgc.

welding wise, it needs-
sill closing plates/very end of sills.
rear arch lips, inner and outer.
bottom of spare wheel well.
a small patch on the floor under drivers feet/acc. pedal.
a small bit on floor where chassis rail meets sill behind drives/pass. seat.
everywhere else these usually rot is amazingly good- boot floor, sills, front wings, heater box, etc. tbh ive had stuff with tax and test come in hiding more under old paint and filler- here what you see is what you get, nothing covered up!
the bootlid is obviously also shagged, but I have a source for one I can pass on( I was actually going to 'repair' this one ) theres a little bit on the rear scuttle above the bootlid too, but its on the straight bit not in the corner so is fairly straightforward.

aside from that, it needs new tyres, the brakes going through (i have new shoes for it), and just general recomissioning, etc.

I evisaged it left ratty slammed over some polished cosmics or something(ile even throw you in the 3" lowering blocks I made for the back ;) ), but tbh ive got so much on at the mo I don't have time for another project.

don't know what else to say really, just hit me up is you have any questions?

Price: 500 quid, possible trades for a 4 post ramp, running V8 engine/box package (not rover, pref. SBC), running LARGE diesel engine and box package, maybe other stuff. WHY?

Contact details: PM, email- [email protected], phone/text 07813289931.
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