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Went along to the 1066 Cruiser's annual show today and spotted a few cars that wouldn't have looked out of place at a 70's show.........

This Minor is a 70's survivor I remember seeing it in '79

it ticked all the boxes, custom paint, slot mags, draylon interior, even a vinyl roof to keep Bob happy

and in true 70's style he had a mirror to show his rear end

a cool touch was an album with pics as it was

this Pop looked very 70's

as did this Ruby

another Austin this time a 4-door

this 4-door Y has been around a while

here's that Cresta that's been on here before, just needs some slot mags to complete the look

This Zephyr high-rider fits right in

Kev couldn't resist parking his high ridin' Humber next to it

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Nick, seems the same at Billing, was'nt there but some photo coverage on the NSRA site showed a real 70's fill, quite odd, in Cornwall that is quite the scene anyway and has been for years, jacked up pops and the like
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