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It's not a "propper" car, but we've got to keep the daily drivers going too, eh?

Has anyone ever had one of these cars?
The Hazard lights all work on the outside of the car. However, the warning light on the inside of the car does not work.

I checked on the other XJ6 that I own and when the hazard lights are switched on, the little green arrows on the dash dont flash. Just a red bulb inside the hazard switch itself.

Moving back to the car with the problem, I tried changing the bulb with one I know that works and that didn't solve the problem.
The entire dash backlighting doesn't seem to be working either.
Appart from me checking each of the three fuse boxes, is there anything obvious I should be looking at?

Thanks in advance,


*edit* failing that, does anyone know of a good jag forums that might be able to help?
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