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Thought I would see if any of you guys were interested before having to ebay this one.

We need to sell my dads Transit work van. It's a 99 T plate 2.5 diesel with only 76K miles on it! He bought it 7 years ago and it stills runs brilliantly now, only problem is in typical Transit style most of the front end has rotted away!! I got the call to see if I could weld it up recently as it's mot has expired but after pulling various bits off I found it needs more work than I have the time to do.

Both front wings are shot as are both front arches, the sills and door steps are also kaput! back right hand door bottom has disappeared, sliding side door has nice big dent and he drove the passenger door into a bollard a while back so it's fair to say from the outside it looks pretty awful!

It is taxed until the end of May next year and despite it's hideous appearance it drives well. Being a carpenters van the interior has a complete coating of sawdust. I've looked around to see what engines and boxes for these go for and we would like to get £350 for the whole thing.

If anyone is looking for one of these engines you could do far worse. We have bought another more recent Transit so need to move this one ASAP.

Call me on 07904 107328 anytime (within reason) Tom.

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If anyones interested for the engine, feel free to make an offer, it's gotta go.
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