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Want ford 4 stud wide
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I was wondering what primer people recommend. I am building on a budget, and certainly not looking for show quality finish (Hot Rod Flatz sort of paint eventually), and the bodyshell will not get any primer, let alone paint on it for about a year until I finish (haven't even started yet!!) the bodyshell work, but I am working on the grill shell at the moment. I have bodyfilled it but sanded only to 100 grit for now, hopefully getting some more sanding with some finer paper in the weekend. But I was wondering what I should prime it with. Is rattle can primer not going to be any good?
Also, how much would it cost if you gave a car respray company the bodyshell ready to paint, all prepped and smooth and all that they needed to do was prime and paint it? A I say, that time will be a loing, long time ahead, but planning ahead and all. I apologise for the newbie kind of question, I am new to bodywork.
My advise would be to rent out a compressor for the weekend. 2 or 3 litres of good quality primer will probably cost less than the amount of rattle cans you would have needed. You will get a spray gun good enough for priming for £30, but I am sure you would find some to lend you one for a weekend. This way you will get a good coverage of paint so there will be more to go at when it comes to flatting. Hope this helps.
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