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Hi All

Getting ready to paint my truck, as its the first vehicle i've painted I could do with some advice

The truck is a 54 F100, It's in primer and blocked down with 600 grit paper

I'm planning on using a single stage 2k paint

First question is how many coats, the data sheet says a tack coat and one wet coat
I plan to flat and polish, should I spray a third coat ?

How much paint do I need ?
I have already painted the engine bay and inside the cab, need to do everything else, cab running boards, inside and outside of the bed, tailgate

Any tips on how to get paint up under the overhang on the bed sides ?

Thanks in advance


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I know too much paint can cause as much grief as not enough, but when I did my previous car I also went the tack coat + wet coat. But I then flatted that with 800 wet & dry followed by two more coats, flatted with 1000 wet & dry then two more coats & it came out really well after flatting & polishing.

As for getting paint up under the overhang could you use one of the small touch-up type guns? I bought one from Machine Mart specifically for door shuts etc & even though it was cheap it works well. An alternative would be to brush it on then flat it back before carrying out the rest of the spraying.
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