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As most people know, I enjoy getting out to shows, taking a few snaps and generally talking shite. Here's a few cars that caught my eye. Some appeal to me, some don't so much, but similar to rods, I can appreciate the dedication that goes into them.

Nice little Austin Van, young kid owned it, and very proud of it.

Couple of Ynak tucks, if that's what is your thing

A few customs

Interior looked nice

Few jalopies

Transit anyone?

And a slightly earlier commercial

And one for Russ, a 35 apparently

This one really caught my attention, just looked so right on these rims


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Some nice different stuff there.

The Model A and Transit are my mates. Transit has modern turbo diesel running gear and although it's in near mint condition it's about to be revamped quite radically.

The Rover just looks so wrong on those wheels.
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