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Nope, it's not genetics gone mad but rather a way of sharing in the success of Rods 'n' Sods along with promoting one of the things that links us all together ...

... the clubs.

We've had the Tri-Chevy, Tuck Up Squad, Spirit of the 50's reunion area on here more or less from the start but they've always been tucked away in the history area.

Recent events have also found the NSCC in need of a new home and this all coincides together with some of the long term plans for the site.

Here at Rods 'n' Sods towers we've been looking at ways to best promote these individual clubs/groups and show the world what we've got.
Not that many overall have their own website and even fewer have the likes of a forum that they can use to show off and grow the club. After all, it is 2010 and what other medium has the speed and reach of the interwebthingymajig ?

As a pilot to begin with, we now have a new Clubs section which will be hosting the TC/TUS/SOTF and NSCC areas. The idea being that these areas can be used by the clubs to organise their meets, carry on with the club banter, keep in touch with their mates and above all use it to promote and show off their club to anyone looking in without having all the hassle of setting up and maintaining their own forums. Even if the clubs no longer meet or have an active standing they can be a place for people to reminisce and maybe even start back up again.

Whilst they're fully open for anyone to use and get involved we'd appreciate it if people observed the fact that these are still effectively someone's 'clubhouse' so don't forget to wipe your feet on the way in and treat it as you'd like someone to treat yours ;0)

Depending on how things turn out with these pilots we'll be looking to offer this service to any club without their own facilities on the basis of it being used but not abused.

The new clubs bit can be found on the main index of the forums at


The Rods 'n' Sods Crew.
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