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The text below is copied from elsewhere,
me and others have always had a great service from Chris Goodall at WASP.


After 14 years of running WASP i have received a job offer to move onto something completely different, so after discussions with Mark Wallington organiser of the Outlaw Street Drag Racing series he has decided that he would like to take over the business from me.

All business will carry on as ususal except mark will be the new owner of WASP with him on the end of phone instead of me. Mark is no stranger to American vehicles and already has a vast knowledge so there will no problems with any enquiries you have in the future. All contact details will be updated in due course but at the very least you will still be able to call the same number 01945 588091 as it will be diverted to his phone.

I will be finishing at the end of July and Mark will be up and running at the start of September so there will only be a matter of a few weeks while its all set up.

Mark has already said that he will carry on all sponsorship for the Mopar Nats as i have for the last 14 years so i hope you will all be as good to him as you have to me.

I would like to say many thanks to all of my customers over the last 14 years from this club as you have been some of the most loyal.

See you at the Mopars.

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Chris fair play to you. Well Done now you can enjoy helping Sam changing toxic nappie's .:shake:
Mark hope all goes well for you, and for sure ''I will be calling you''
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