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I have decided to part with my collection of American Football Jerseys. I do like them but unfortunately I need the cash.

World League of American Football - Started in 1991, and played 2 seasons, before coming back with a reduced team list from 95-97.

91 London Monarchs Away White #91 - XL, Average condition, faded, slightly smoke smelling due to previous owner, but less so after a few washes.
91 London Monarchs Away White #29 - Good condition, has "World Bowl Champions" motif on top left corner.

NFL Europe - WLAF renamed to this for the 1998 season with 6 teams in Europe.

98/99 Barcelona Dragons home Green #14 - XXL, Very good condition.
01 Scottish Claymores Away White #1 - XL, very good condition.
01 Scottish Claymores Home Blue/Silver - XL, Very good condition

02 Scottish Claymores Home Blue - XL, Very good condition

Arena Football - A variant on outside American Football, played indoors, on a smaller pitch. Very dangerous and fun game to watch.
Detroit Fury Home Black/Purple #1 - XL, Very good condition, hardly worn

£20 each.

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These are now on ebay
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