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my question is does a vehicle that was brought into the country before nova came out have to still go through this ?
it was brought in 10/2011 so way before nova came out.

i have sent off the 389
and a cheque

about 10 days later i got it all back,
stating i needed to go through nova.
is this just a cock up at there end .
not realising what date it had been imported.

do i just send a letter with it saying it doesn't need nova ?

thanks in advance for any help..paul..

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CE386 is still valid for vehicles imported before NOVA. Think the info is in one of the FHVBC newsletters. Think VHRA may have an announcement on their site as well?

Here you go,
page 6 on this link C:\Documents and Settings\Home\Local Settings\Temp\FBHVC_News_2_13_final.pdf

and also page 2 on this link C:\Documents and Settings\Home\Local Settings\Temp\FBHVC News issue4.13.pdf
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