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Taken from Russ post elsewhere re V6 tacho on V8 :)

Hi Sid,

In my experience they work , but as you say read too much, in fact should be a third (33%) too much as an example a true
1500 = 2000
3000 = 4000
4500 = 6000
6000 = 8000

This is sort of related as this is exactly the same problem we get on my mates T bucket , it reads 33% fast. However his is a V6 tacho on a V6 engine but it has an oddfire Buick in there . It worked fine with the Buick evenfire so I'm assuming due to it giving a mean average of the firing pulses that the oddfire spark seperation is the issue ?

IE the oddfire is 90 /150 pulse seperations as opposed to 120 on a 'normal' V6.

If so , does that mean a V8 tach would read correctly ?

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Sounds like it counts the quickest pulse doesn't it?

I'd stick a V8 one for a quick test
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