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Been invited to this

there should be a Union Jack on the page that will translate to english

basically it's a posh car do at the Circuit De Reims...pre war cars get in for nowt and get 2x 20 mins slots on the track on both Sat and 4 chances to thrash round the track. You also get under cover parking for the rod in the pits and parking for the support vehice and trailer ...because pre-war cars don't get driven to and from the they!!!!!!
Post war cars have to 400euros.....But if we get 10 cars (either post or pre war)we can have a "club" stand for free (so it's free for all) and get to drive the track as part of the closing events..and the organiser seems keen to get Hot Rods at the track
take a look at the web site, read the entry stuff and the blurb it goes on about!

Both me and Ian Wild are up for this.....but I havn't booked in yet as I wanted to open it up to anyone else who may be up for a bit of a laff and also because I wana make sure i can afford it!!

if your interested let me know...I have let Baz Timms have the details too and spoken briefly to Daz about this too..
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