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Army claws back £433 'overpaid' to dead soldier... because he was shot dead in Afghanistan 10 days before pay day Father said he felt like he had been 'poked in the eye with a sharp stick' when he read letter

'This is in no way a question of the money but one of respect for my son'
Lance Corporal Bancroft - who had also served in Iraq - had the 'overpayment' taken from his holiday pay

By Jaya Narain

Last updated at 10:38 AM on 26th October 2011

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Lance Corporal Jordan Bancroft, 25, was shot dead in Afghanistan as he patrolled a meeting between peacekeepers and Afghan elders
The family of a soldier killed in Afghanistan have been ordered to repay hundreds of pounds – because he died after receiving his wages.
Military bosses said that since Lance Corporal Jordan Bancroft was paid a month in advance, his relatives must return £433 to cover the ten days after the 25-year-old was shot.
Last night his shocked father Tony described the decision as ‘disgusting’, adding: ‘Jordan gave his life for this country and this is how they treat him.
‘When I read the letter you could have knocked me down with a feather. When it sunk in what it said, it felt like I’d been poked in the eye with a stick. I want to make it clear that this is in no way a question of money, but one of respect.’
The controversy comes after it was revealed MoD civil servants collected annual bonuses of almost £6,000 each in August despite cuts to frontline troops and services.
The letter to Lance Corporal Bancroft’s parents was sent by the MoD’s Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre on October 14, not long after the family raised £10,000 for his Duke of Lancaster Regiment.
It explained that a refund was being given for annual leave the soldier had been entitled to take, amounting to more than £1,000, but with a sum deducted to cover the ten days after he died in August 2010.

Bereft: Jordan's father, Tony, with the letter from the MoD. He said he felt like he had been 'poked in the eye with a sharp stick' when he received it
It said: ‘Following your son’s untimely death, a salary payment for the full month of August was paid into his account. This included £433.13 in respect of pay for the days after the date of his death.
‘Not wishing to cause any further distress or potential hardship to yourself at that time, the MoD took no action to recover the overpayment. However, now a further sum is due in respect of his pay and the “overpayment” has been offset.’
Lance Corporal Bancroft, from Earby, Lancashire, was killed on August 21 last year. The soldier was due to marry girlfriend Lauren O’Hara, 21, after his tour of Afghanistan. He joined the Duke of Lancaster Regiment in September 2001.

Lance Corporal Jordan Bancroft joined the Duke of Lancaster Regiment during 2001. He had been due to marry his girlfriend upon his return from Afghanistan
Mr Bancroft, 47, a taxi driver, blamed pen-pushers in Whitehall for the letter rather than the Regiment.
A spokesman for the MoD said: ‘Service personnel are paid up to the date of their death.
‘Occasionally, deceased service personnel may be paid for the whole month of their death where the notification of death comes after the pay run has already taken place.
‘Whilst this results in a notional overpayment, no attempt is made to recover such sums after they have been paid.
‘However, where a further salary payment or credit is made at a later date, the final payment is adjusted to reflect the correct amount.’

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to be fair, i dont see the problem, he died but had been paid for days work not done after his death, is it really that bad to ask for the money back.

then again, why would the army/government pay in advance, no other employers do.

probably find its bull
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