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Amateur mechanic needing help. I am installing a B&M Megashifter in my 78 trans am that has a 3 speed TH350 auto.

First of all has anybody out there fitted one of these to a 2nd gen with a TH350? If so what did you do with regard to the steering column lock as the instructions are very sketchy?


The bracket that the shifter cable attaches to a selector lever on the side of the auto box is also attached to an elaberate linkage system that prevents the steering column locking when its in drive (I think). The instruction say all this has to be removed and a B&M selector lever is to be bolted on in its place, but it then doesnt tell me what to do with the steering linkage system once its been detached.

I am thinking of have the old selector lever bracket welded to the new just so it can accomodate the steering lock linkage.

I know this is a bit rambled but if you have any idea of what im on about then please contact me with any thoughts you may have.

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