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As you may remember, I organised one of these last October.....we kept it pretty low-key but a dozen or so cars turned out with various family members, dogs etc and we had a great relaxed day in the Autumn sun kicking back, checking out each other's cars and chowing down on bacon butties from the beach chuck-wagon washed down with gallons of hot coffee. There's been a fair bit bit of interest in another one, so what better way to celebrate the clocks switching to BST, and the start of the show season.

Nothing's laid on, it's just a case of turn up when you like and go home when you're bored. Obviously the more people who turn up, the less chance of that actually happening! Brean Sands is a popular local spot for walkers, dog walkers (and probably doggers too.....but let's not go there) and family days out, and is one of the only beaches left in the UK that you can actually drive on. The local council have a Beach Patrol on site (and he's got eyes like a hawk...hooning is strictly verboten) and a decent chuck-wagon serving up burgers and bacon butties as well as excellent coffee.

Like I said, no pressure....just a great way to spend a few hours of a Sunday in the company of some fellow petrolheads.

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See you there???

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