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Hi all

Im 29 and from Norfolk and thought I would sign up and post!

Brought up on a healthy diet of blue oval. My first car was a 100e Pop while I built a Mk1 Escort. I then defected to the dark side (Jap Stuff... Skylines, Supras etc) then to bikes then back to Fords but more modern Capri etc

Currently driving an 1989 XR3i and while fun I feel a bit of a fraud at shows so now want to return to my roots and get something a bit older and more Street Rod

I will add this would just be a weekend car.

Ideally looking for a sit up and beg Ford but not adverse to a Mk1 Zephyr im in a bit of a quandry as to buy one or build one. Lack of workshop err's me to buying one but maybe sonething rolling but I can put my mark on would suffice.

Anyway thats me and I look forward to postong more!
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