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Here's a little on our weekend.

I decided to make the most of the track time we had at the big bang. We arrived at 3am Friday morning and got our heads down outside the main gates. (Which muppet left there alarm set for 6) We were in setup and ready to play by 11. We had the company of team member, good friend and neighbour Russ Walker running his VW scirroco in VW sportsman.

First pass a gentle 11.0 no gas but a complete gearbox.
Turned the gas on as this was a rwyb track I turned everything down but as the nitrous was coming up to full power (300 jets) we lost all power so I shut everything off and cruised back. Next run same again. But this time I watched the max and it was shutting the system down due to only getting 6 volts. (Safety feature)
Checked everything only found a loose batt term on the alternator.( fitted a new one)still the same.

So I bypassed the extreme and blew a fuse. Now we’re getting somewhere. fuse changed and a new relay fitted off we go. But after speaking to Trev we turned down to 80% It worked. Next step a full pass. 20% on the hit with 3.5 build time both wheels off the ground but as it came down it unloaded the rear wheels big tyre shake(3 chipped teeth)a couple of big peddles 9.7 @ 149 well happy. Backed up with 9.66 @ 146 now we have another problem how to stop the rear unloading. We'd now run out of time we drew Steve Pateman. When I got into stage a bit to deep and activated the trans break the car rocked and broke the beams. (ARSE) but still ran a 9.8 @ 146.

The car never missed a beat all weekend
I hope my passenger on the cruise Mark Skinner enjoyed himself, going by all the picks I think he did.
Now for you number crunchers out there.

Car weighs 3285lb
We ran 149 mph
We used 1020 bhp @ 963 lb TQ to do it
We crossed the line @ 5565 RPM
That’s a gain of 250bhp with 1 second delay and a build time of 3 seconds.
Pistons were travelling at 4173 feet/min
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