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Considering parting with some of my treasures depending on offers made. No prices as yet depends what they're worth to the buyer but please be realistic as I need to finish my 51 Cadillac Kustom and it needs some choice bits which aren't cheap. May ebay at a later date.

Contact me on [email protected] or give me a call on England 01242 530227. I will ship world wide at your cost.

Complete set of Plymouth fury 1957/58 bumper wings front and back will not split goes as a complete set. Lovely solid condition. Had previously been re-chromed but is lifting on edges but otherwise good.

Pair of Plymouth 1957/58 fender skirts, nice condition not repro. Has some bubbles in the paintwork due to respray but not rusted through.

Pair of 1957 FURY front fender spears complete with gold balls.

1957 Fury grille the gold anodized finish is not perfect but if I recall is straight.

1958 twin headlamp housings less the outer bevel trim, all you will need for a twin headlamp conversion except the outer bezels which often crop up on ebay usa ideal for that 57 conversion to a 58.

I have a set (maybe 1 missing - it should turn up) stainless trim bars that sit on the 57 Fury sportone trim.

1957 fury gold sportone trim panels ideal for pattern or garage wall hanging, ok for a driver, but NOT a show car.

1960 Dodge green glitter steering wheel looks beautiful in a 57/58 Plymouth complete with horn trim. Steering wheel is in good condition with no cracks in the glitter, does have a few cracks in the area where the wheel mounts the column but an easy fix. These wheels are very rare in this condition. Horn centre is pitted though.

1957 Fury grille and trunk emblems.

1957 Plymouth car user guide, sits in glove box. (not repro).

1957 Plymouth factory manuals x 2, one used one nearly new condition.

1958 Plymouth factory parts manual, good diagrams and part no's.

A set of 1957/58 repro either A4 or A3 sized sales ads would look wicked framed and hung in the garage.

1958 Desoto twin fender aerials.

1958 Desoto factory manual.

1960/61 Chrysler factory manual. Has home made cover but manual complete and good.

1960 Plymouth Fury front bumper was re-chromed years ago and has never been fitted back on the car. Should still be good has been covered and dry stored.

1960 Plymouth Fury rear bumper ends same as above.

1959 Plymouth hub caps, complete set of 4.

1961 Dodge spinner hub caps, complete set of 4 (14") + 1 extra 15".

Repair manuals

Non Chrysler items;

1950 Buick factory manual.

1953 Buick headlamp & side marker bezels. Look brilliant on Chevy pick ups.

1951 Cadillac headlamp bezels, suit 53ish Chevys ?

1952 Cadillac hubcaps set of 4 would look good on a sled with bullets in the centre.

1956 Cadillac hubcaps set of 4.

Various 1951 Cadillac stainless trim, check to see what I have ok, if yours is missing off a driving car items ok not mint though.

At a later date there will be a 1951 Cadillac front bumper and grille, will need a re-chrome.

Bat wing air filter cover, fibre glass repro.

1965-8 not 100% sure of year till I check whats in the bag. It's the W shaped front end. Cadillac grille and trim couple of sacks of it all gold plated ideal to pimp up your ride if thats your thang! add the bling! Not mine though.

Very nice Morris Minor steering wheel and column (wheel is grey marble) great for that 32 rat rod. Also glove box doors. Small heater from same car. Great for a roadster.

Ford V8 flathead exhaust manifold flanges to make your own zoomies.

Chevrolet 305 clutch plate from an 80's Camaro.

Chevrolet 350 water pump from an 80's Camaro.

Ford Zodiac Mk3 hubcaps x 4 ok for a driver.

Old Smiths oil pressure gauge, black faced all ok.

Probably (in my eyes) one of the nicest English Gauges for a rod an early oval white faced Hillman gauge in very nice overall condition.

A pair of late 40's early 50s Appetons.

Think that's it folks will post more if I find it buried in the loft. Pictures could be sent but may take me a while to get all the bits out of the loft.

Mr Cadillac :-)
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the email address in your ad bounces back, i'm guessing you've dropped a letter in there

Banjo snapper.
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Email sent earlier this evening.

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E-mail sent re

1952 Cadillac hubcaps
1953 Buick headlamp & side marker bezels.
A pair of late 40's early 50s Appetons
Probably (in my eyes) one of the nicest English Gauges for a rod an early oval white faced Hillman gauge in very nice overall condition


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