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If it's a single carb you are after for a reasonably small motor, look at Renault 5 and Montego turbo ones.
For twins, look at Lotus stuff.

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If you can let me know as much of the following as you can I will see what sort of deal I can get from Quickfuel for you,

Cam duration at 50

Gross lift at the valve

Rocker arm ratio

Compression Ratio


Head Type and valve size

Head flow if possible

Car weight

Gear Ratio

Convertor stall

Trans type (OD?)

Max Shift RPM

Current carb type and size

Fuel Pump Brand and Size

Filter types and location in fuel system

Fuel Line sizes from the cell to the float bowls

Inches of Manifold vacuum with idle timing set at 30* with or without Vac line connected

Type of distributor ...with or without vacuum canister.
Ignition box- Daytona CD1, Crane, MSD

Dual or Single plane intake

Headers and tube size

1 - 4 of 4 Posts