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Hi thank you for all your advice me regarding my clutch bleeding on my Pop, all is well.
The issue I have now is the newly fitted brake servo, I have fitted the servo ( due to the lack of space in the engine bay) in the boot, I've fitted a vacuum pump to supply the air to the servo, the pump works fine but the servo is not working, the brake pedal is hard and the car stops but with a lot of foot pressure, the servo does seem to hold the pressure, when I release the vacuum pipe, the air come out. 91C66E40-39A0-45C3-B1CC-BCAAD9ECBD17.jpeg 5D355821-3FA2-4ECE-9B1E-7D9CC9ABDCB9.jpeg BCDC3F0B-39C4-46FF-84D7-A17443F58BEE.jpeg BAAC71D6-851C-4A64-A10F-9F35E3F6AFC2.jpeg
The servo is just connected to the front brakes which are Vauxhall Viva and Jag at the rear.
I would really appreciate any advice and help, I've not had the Pop long and I just desperate to drive it safely!
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