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got a few issues to look at before the big MOT.
Even if they're ok I will still improve them but if allowable this may not happen till after MOT (don't ask).


I got GM single piston floating brake calipers and wondering about UK mot checks for safety locks.

The pins that allow caliper movement and hold the pads in are threaded with big cap head bit that screws into caliper at one end.

Although it's screwed up tight there aint a push in split pin locking device like on the typical caliper.
Albeit normal pins aint screwed in so without retaining pin could slide out.
Mine would have to unscrew.

Is this a normal pass as i'm sure I just read that ALL brakes and steering items need a locking bit ?


2 piece brake disc assemblies are attached to a 'bell' with a whole bunch of cap head bolts with locking nuts.

Bolts show no thread out of end of lock nuts (bit of a bummer as they came with the friggin discs, 'threadlocked' until I get longer bolts).

Is that an mot fail?


Is the speedo function checked as working at an MOT?

Many thanks!

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Q1 - yep thats OK, will pass an MOT like that, the bolts dont need any kind of locking device attached to them

Q3 speedo function not checked at MOT time.
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