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The Bromley Pageant of Motoring will be returning for its 38th year. Over 1,000 cars are promised which isn't as many as in previous years (I can remember when it was over 3,000) which I think is partly down to the organisers becoming greedy and pushing prices up (which would be why they've lowered it to £5 exhibitor entry for this year) but also because of the weather, so fingers crossed the sun shines.

Special exhibitor categories - custom cars, pre-war cars, commercial and military vehicles and motorcycles - have diminished to almost nothing recently, and the tractor display has been non-existent for a few years, but with lower prices and (with any luck) a bit of sunshine, numbers will hopefully be on the increase this year.

This year also promises a selection of award-winning hot rods, which should be nice. Then again, depending on your outlook, it could be smug and horrible.

All the details you need for booking are here: CARS - Bromley Pageant Of Motoring

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Going to this one on Sunday! But may be the last one if this turns out Shit after 10 years of going to this show, it has been going down hill !! But lets hope it is going back up to the TOP of shows to go too..
The more corporate it got the more expensive and shit it got. I've been going for 15 odd years, used to live opposite, handy because it's local. Broke in a few times due to the cost, I know the woods like the back of my hand (because I walked the dog there, no other reason)

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Sorry mopar, but we pre-booked this a long time ago. I think this is our twelfth year at the Pageant now, I remember I could hardly sleep on the Pageant's eve all those years ago when I was a small boy. It would also be a shame to stop seeing as it's only just beyond walking distance, but if it gets any more shit we might be looking at going elsewhere (like Brands). At least this year it's cheaper shit.

I don't think we'll be able to do this, but if anyone else is interested I think a lot of Yanks and kustoms like to head to the Valley Park meet once the show's over.

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After three years of being crap, and having crap weather, the Bromley Pageant of Motoring was good again, which was nice. Over 1,000 cars were promised and I think the turnout could have broken 2,000. The field was packed. The custom car section was the biggest I've seen in years, with some very high quality builds present.

Some special categories, which used to be very large, such as the commercial and military vehicles and pre-war cars, could still do with some more entrants and they should stop allowing so many unremarkable/sodding awful cars in (e.g. generically modified Golfs and a 20-year-old Espace with peeling paint) but like I say, it was a great improvement on recent years.

It'll take me forever to sort out all my photos, so I'll just begin with some of the Harris Fords.

This was one of my favourites. I like my '50s Brits to be largely unmolested, with modifications not extending beyond or differing from aftermarket sunvisors, fake portholes and leopard-print seats.

Having said that, I am partial to a nice pro street custom.

Mk. II 'Tina

Anglia 105E

Next for everyone else in around Bromley (who isn't doing Bexley) is the St. Christopher's Hospice Car Show in Green Street Green, Saturday 14th June. Be there or be square!

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Nice pics. I take it yours was the red A in the first bunch of photos?

Some more Yank tin:

'61 Chrysler Valiant

'57 Chevy

Super Stock '65 Plymouth, and a feckin' chair

Pro Street '67 Camaro

Some kits and low-volume sports cars:

Moss Malvern or Moss Roadster, I'm not sure how you tell the difference

Ronart W152

Turner Mk. II

Fairthorpe Electron

Rochdale Olympic

Most of the VWs were crappy Golfs with bad alloys, but there were some worthwhile ones, like this K70

J.P.S. Capri is one of a very limited number

Škoda S110L

Fiat Multipla taxi

Morris Marina pandamobile

Reliant Rebel, possibly history's most inappropriately named car

Customs, etc., coming soon.

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Professionals-esque Capri

The Crayford Club featured Mk. I, II and IV Cortinas, plus this Corsair

It was quite a surprise to see two Marcos Mantises in the same place (there was also a blue one)

The NSU club had a '72 1000, a '71 TT and a '71 Prinz 4, plus some feckin' massive furniture

This Mumford Marina was one of around 70 converted and just 12 survive

Simca Ariane

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1958 Triumph Trophy

1955 P&M Panther M100


Shillibeer-liveried Routemaster was one of 12 (plus a Leyland Fleetline) painted to commemorate the 150th anniversary of London's omnibus service in 1979

Bedford Chevanne


1929 Buick


1952 Minerva

Land Rover Series IIA

Competition Cars:

Renault Dauphine


'59 Impala

Bedford CF

Award winners:

Hillman Minx - Best Pre-War Car

1953 Guy Special - Best Commercial Vehicle

Aston Martin DB4 GT - Best in Show?

Rover SD1 - Best Club Display?

I'll finish tomorrow with lots more customs.

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Thanks, nice pics! :tup:

There were two Bond Bugs, including this Hayabusa-powered one

Choppers aren't really my thing, but I can dig this.

Custom Mk. I Zephyr

Pop Rod

'35 Ford pick-up

'58 Cadillac

'67 Camaro RS

'54 Chevy

Model Y

'34 Ford, a proper Graffiti rod

Ratty Prefect 107E

I'm not sure what this Humber Super Snipe was doing with the customs, unless it's a very, very convincing sleeper.

'47-'53 Chevy Panel Van

'50 Chevy 3100

'55 or '56 Chevy

'47-'53 Chevy pick-up

'42-'47 Ford pick-up

'69 Chevy

'53 Pop rod was a typical '70s custom with chameleon paint and slots until a few years ago when it was repainted purple and pro streeted.

Very lovely '37 Chevy

Car of the show for me was this time warp Prefect

Winner of Best Custom was this '41 Willys Americar
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