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[Want to build your own custom hot rod engine.... ?

Chevy 355cid / 300 to 350+ BHP custom hot rod engine kits...

The highest quality & most complete kit out there @ the lowest price bar none!

Sample pics of assembled engine:

There are many dress up options.. here one with Chevy BOWTIE dress option.

Here's one with polished ally dress kit....

***For the do it yourself Hot Rodder we supply complete engine kits fully machined & ready to assemble.

Spec sheet:

Chevy 355/ 300 to 350 BHP kit. Blocks are 1970 to mid 80's era CNC machined, 2 piece rear seal .030 &.040 overbore, decked & squared . CL-77cam bearings & brass frosts loaded .

Crank kit inc new RPM steel crank CNC machined steel , cross drilled mains,
500 BHP rated (Hines balanced crank assembly with balance card) New PRW 8" damper, rods E/W Stage 1 ARP bolts,

Pistons are E/W USA hyperutectic flat top, rings P/C moly , CL-77 main & rod brg. sets , performance hyd cam any grind profile your choice

USA made hyd lifters by Engine Works ,Rollmaster true roller chain set ,Mellling HV 55 oil pump , HD steel pump drive,New chome oil pan 5qt & Mellling pick up.

Heads Engine Works USA 2.02 & 1.60 SS valves full CNC machined , stelite seats for unleaeded fuel, Comp V/T , bronze guides loaded.
SSI valve springs 1.250 dia good to .500 lift hyd or solid cams.
posi seals , screw in studs with guide plates.

PRW forged roller tip rockers. E/W 4130 forged push rods.

* Upgrade heads to our E/W USA alumium race heads 200cc runners and add 50+BHP, full CNC machined 2.02 & 1.60 valves 1.447 dia springs good to .625 lift hyd or solid & mild hyd roller cams ,moly retainers, forged locks , 3/8 studs , viton posi seals. .. also included Victor ally head gasket set

***PRICE 320 GBP

Photo of heads with our" Warhammer" alum roller rockers...add these for 90 GBP 1.5 or 1.6:1 ratio.

Intake P&P air gap high rise dual plane or Hurricane high rise single plane your choice , carb new Holley 600 or Ed's carb air filter custom 14" KN style/ blow through lid ,fuel pump E/W chrome 80 GPH, new steel pump drive , Ignition new Revolution HEI , polished , recuved to engine spec, 53,000 volt coil , Mega Fire 8.5 mm custom wires , Taylor looms NGK plugs ,water pump new E/W USA ,

Pulleys new chrome , altenator new 80 amp , custom chrome brackets,belt Dayco cog'd, starter Dura-Last USA , new flex plate with new Mr'G flexplate bolts, Water stat chrome, Mr.G brass high flow thermostat 180F.

Rocker covers chrome & timing are chrome .. alum covers avaliable. We supply all hardware all stainless steel nuts & bolts & washers. 3 cans VHT paint your choice colour,oil filter & oil 5 qt 10W30 & 1 bottle

Comp Cam # 159 engine break in lube.

This is a complete balanced engine kit with nothing else to buy.

Build it... lite it... & drive it... like you stole it ........

Here this Chevy 355 engine on the dyno get'n a good flog'n!


*** Price 1650 GBP

*We also offer hyd roller cam kit upgrades custom grind hyd roller cam with hyd roller lifters & push rods & Rollmaster thust plate cam gear & roller thrust button & cam button lock plate.


Need more HP? no problem we also sell Chevy 383 cid stroker engine kits that produce dyno proven 400+ BHP & 450+ & 500+ BHP / Hines balanced crank assembly & block & rods cleared.. ready to assemble

Here's a few pics of our 383cid 450+BHP hot rod engines with ally heads & full ally dress kit & cog drive kit & bug catcher & another one 383cid 434 BHP with flamed rocker covers & oval air filter kit .

We also supply FORD SB & BB kits
Ford 302/347cid & 351W/408 & 427cid kits 390 & 428 FE kits & 351 C / 408 cid kits.
PRICES START @ 1975 GBP complete
Pic of our 302/347 .. 350+ BHP engine

Pic of our 390 FE Hot Rod engine

Pic of our 351C/408cid ... massive 460+ BHP engine.

E-mail for more details or info. [email protected]

Regards Daryl
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