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ive given up with my cadillac its 1981 deville rwd full size model

its 6.0 v8 with fuel injection

its tax n tested till october 2014

body work and inside is in very good conditon

now the bad part its running badly and i cant find why it will rev up but wont idle right and its smokey im pretty sure its to do with the fuel injection/emissions control stuff but i cant find whats wrong with it

was in weekend use up and till around a month ago and was running really well

it drives really well auto box brakes sterring etc are all faultless

i really wanted to repair the car but i couldnt find any one in teesside who would look at it / then found a 500ci i was going drop in it but the seller of that engine wont reply to emails about picking that up so now im just going sell it

£2500 ono i paid £4500 end of last year so some one is getting a bargin

mite take a p/x or even a swap

im in billingham teesside


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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