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Hello folks! I am on the comittee that organises the Wallingford Car Rally every year (midwway between Oxfrord and Reading) and this year it's being held on Sunday May 13th 2012.
For the second time, we are offering the public a chance to ride in some rather unusual cars and I am on the scrounge for some help by my fellow petrolheads.

Elmo has very kindly offered to scare people to death in Doris to compliment a very early Rolls Royce, an original 70's Coca Cola TR7, a Ferrari and Evo8 and I was hoping to add a 50's/60's yank tank or something else weird and wonderful if any of you out there have something available.

Drop me a PM if you're interested.

All money raised goes to local charities and last year we raised almost £4000 for good causes. It's very much appreciated.

Wallingford Car Rally - Home

Cheers folks

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