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hi,any one used an outdoor carcoon ,been thinking about getting one,but im not sure what there like in the wind & snow,thanks paul

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Hi Paul,

You're the second person to ask about these today. I have copied this post that i put on the other thread.

I am actualy on my second one now, i got about 7 years out of the first one.

I would say it has been value for money to me. I would buy the biggest one you can get (or have space for) as if you change to a larger car you would have it covered (no pun intended).

The only down side is the snow as it is too heavy for the carcoon and it ends up following the outline of the car until you brush it off or it melts.

I wouldn't use one on a car that has sharp edges or corners unless you cover them with something else first as the carcoon's do blow about when it is windy. I also wouldn't use it on a convertible without putting the roof up first (in the winter at any rate) as if it snows then it melts the carcoon sinks inside the car a bit like a pond liner, been there and got that T-shirt, that said not a drop of water went through the cover into the car but it took me ages to syphon the water out so that it could go back to it's normal shape.

Think i paid about £550-£575 for mine, about a year or 18 mths ago.

If you want to have a look at my carcoon i am only at Huntingdon. (this bit might not be so helpful tp you, the other guy only lived at Royston).


Russ. 07762 - 747643.
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