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just sprayed my daimler 2 door coupe with cellulose i had left over from working on the bonnet last year. Ran out !!!! wanted more paint, but my local paint supplies wanted £95 for 2 1/2 lt, and £23 for 5 lt of anti bloom thinners... Both + VAT.....
Got some from evil bay, about £90 total for the same quantities... The colour was miles out. Instead of being Lavender, it was like a stong baby blue, and took over a week to arrive....
Finally, sourced paint in Luton. 5 lt paint, 10 lt virgin anti bloom thinners. £98, and the guy drove down from Luton, and delivered it to my door, because he knew i wanted it for tomorrow. Just opened it, and colour is bang on. Just chuffed that British service and quality, ain't dead yet.

imho defo worth a try if you are after paint

Simply Coatings Ltd 01582-258258 ask for Darren.

We all like to save a few bob. Not because we are tight, but because it gives us more money to spend on other things. Now where can i but Tucker rivets to re-fit the side chrome trims on my car ?????
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