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Jim Morrison has a lot to answer for.....

One step forward, two steps back.
I hadn't done anything with the doors since they were primed in the last lockdown. Before the car was stripped they fitted fine and opened and closed as they should.
Regular readers will remember what an absolute B*st%rd they were to fit, but I persevered and got them to an acceptable level with reasonable door gaps.

Nothing has changed. The body went back on to it's mounting points without incident. All of the mounts are straight holes with no allowance for adjustment. There is a double mount on the 'a' pillar, a double mount on the 'B' pillar, a single mount on the sill plate and another mount which ties the lower hinge into the roll cage/chassis. All of them are 'built' so flex is not an issue. Allied to the mounts, the sill panels are made from 1/8" wall box section and have been welded to the body for some time.

Back to the doors. I tried the driver's door in place, and aside from a quick tweak it fits pretty well. I'm going to have to slim down a bit of one of the flanges, but aside from that it's on to the next step.
I tried the passengers door in place and.........B*gg%r me it doesn't even fit where it touches! Honestly a Vauxhall Astra door would have fit in the hole better. It wouldn't get to within 300mm of closing, and after beating it around enough to get it almost closed the door gaps on the back were gone. Completely. It wouldn't line up with the body lines and had dropped at the rear. Bearing in mind also that there is precious little adjustment on the hinges and that is only in/out/up/down. I ended up putting a small shim behind the lower hinge to get the body lines back in line, and then after trying to cure the issues without major surgery today I gave up and got the grinder out again. This is the cavern I created to make the door line up with the sill and the lower 'A' pillar:

Automotive tire Bumper Vehicle door Wood Tire

Which resulted in the door closing (after the gaps were opened a bit) and largely looking OK:

Fixture Automotive exterior Automotive design Composite material Bumper

But in my hastiness with the grinder I discovered that the closing panel was a bit....well...rusty, sooooo:

Automotive tire Bumper Wood Motor vehicle Fender

And then some bent metal and electric glue and we're back in business:

Bumper Automotive tire Wood Fender Gas

Wood Bumper Automotive tire Automotive exterior Gas

Not the prettiest repair I've ever done, but it's strong and stuck. Outside now fits within fettle-able parameters:

Hood Automotive tire Automotive exterior Bumper Wood

And the door gaps are pretty good:

Automotive lighting Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Tire

The reason all of the primer is missing is that I had to weld the skin back on after grinding through the metal.

After virtually a full days work I'm almost back where I started. I hate cars.

A quick 'before & after' on the refurbished door strikers. These were pretty badly worn after 80 odd years of use. I tried to weld them but they appear too be some strong Majak-Like substance, so instead chose to grind/file out the wear. They will be fitted with a 1mm shim behind them to take up the slack.

Grey Door Household hardware Fixture Gas

Automotive tire Tire Grey Wood Asphalt

Next will be final refill and rub out of the doors followed by throwing some paint at them, but don't expect it this week......

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Wait......There's sumpthing else....

Back to the sump.
I've added a baffle mid-way down the sump to retain oil in the rear of it, and extended the 'original' sump floor forward.
There's now a cut-out to allow the pickup to be where it wants to be, and a tunnel around the tube:

Automotive tire Fixture Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Bumper

Automotive lighting Hood Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive tire

The original baffle plate has been re-purposed with the pick-up hole filled, but leaving the dipstick hole.
Rather than weld this in place I decided to bolt it in just in case I have a catastrophic engine failure (quite likely) and need to clean the sump out properly. This bolts to the threaded angle visible in the top two pics.

Automotive tire Automotive wheel system Gas Composite material Wood

The bolts will be button-head and not the CS ones in the photo.
With the pickup tube in place you can see how it all works together.

Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Bumper Gas Fixture

Shame it has to cover this sea of forged steel loveliness:

Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire Gas Machine

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Nearly forgot the turbo oil drains.
These are in the front of the sump (so should remain uncovered under power) and are in -12AN or about 3/4" bore so should stop the oil from backing up in the turbos.
Fittings again thanks to SpeedFlow in Aus who continue to support the project. Thanks again guys!

Bumper Gas Machine Machine tool Nickel

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A weekend with spray gun in hand....
The sump is now shiny, in the same shade of 'Gasser Grey' as the steering and suspension:

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Automotive design Automotive tire

The doors got rubbed out and recoated in filler primer:

Bumper Rectangle Vehicle door Fixture Motor vehicle

They look good, but the photos don't show a few issues, not least of which was small area which reacted on the passenger door for no apparent reason. This has been rubbed back down to bare metal, re-filled and primed. The doors have been primed inside and out with the inside clear-coated as I can't see the point of painting it!
They are now in a more pleasing shade of Desert Storm:

Floor Grey Flooring Wood Gas

As the engine is fast approaching being refitted I thought I'd better pretty it up a bit.
Traditionally all of my engine blocks have been painted in 'Ford Blue' paint. I saw no reason to mess with tradition so:

Hood Light Automotive tire Gas Auto part

Hood Automotive tire Bumper Gas Engineering

This is a quick-dry enamel which dries to a satin finish. Looks better than 'Mod Motor Black' IMHO. Not that anyone will be able to see it.....
There were a few other bits less photo-worthy that the spray gun hit, but more of them later.

Right. Out with the rubbing block again.

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You have to love a long weekend.....
Friday I rubbed down the inside of the doors, boot lid, headlight buckets and rims and threw some of PPG's finest at them:

Wood Gas Building Flooring Automotive exterior

Particularly happy with the headlamps. Great gun finish. They will still get flatted and polished but the basis looks pretty good.

Gas Circle Natural material Composite material Electric blue

The bottled that never was has also come out well. I'm not sure whether this will stay white or not, but either way it's flat & smooth.

Art Window Gas Tints and shades Circle

I spent yesterday flatting the doors off and applying a bit of finishing paste here and there, and today (Easter Sunday) as an Easter gift to myself I painted them!

Car Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive design

Plant Building Window Fixture House

Finish is OK. The window surround panels and the front 'swage' panel have had 5-6 coats. The main panel has only had 3-4 as it will ultimately be painted blue.

Window Vehicle Motor vehicle Plant Vehicle door

From a personal point of view it's great to finally see flat, smooth panels after all of the modifications, repairs and hassle that these m*[email protected]$ have had.

On another body note, I've started flatting off the shell ready for polish. It's coming together guys!

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And if the other weekend work wasn't enough, I fitted my water bypass system using SpeedFlow hose and fittings (thanks again @speedflow)

Hood Wood Automotive tire Gas Engineering
Pipeline transport Plumbing Gas Plumbing fitting Cylinder

The sharp-eyed amongst you will notice the additional bracket on the water temp take-off. This is just to appease the pussies out there who whined on about weight and cracking blah blah blah :ROFLMAO:

And the number plates which were previously bent, corroded and over-sprayed with just about every colour are now restored to their 1938 glory:

Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Font Gas Rectangle

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You know when you're not 100% happy with something, so you decide to undo days of work to make it right?

Automotive tire Automotive lighting Grey Wood Fender

The 'B' pillar line/door shut had obviously tweaked a bit when I welded the trafficator panels in, giving the door an unsightly gap which I only noticed with door and rear quarter in colour. No problem, slit the panel vertically and weld in a very thin rhombus shaped sliver of metal. Simples.

It's now a lot straighter, so out with the filler, primer and paint again!

Wood Tool Gas Automotive lighting Engineering

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Another 12 or so hours on the front end to get it ready for the (hopefully) final filler/primer coat:

Automotive tire Automotive design Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Vehicle

Plant Automotive design Motor vehicle Fender Bumper

There are still some small imperfections that will be sorted at the guide coat stage before top coat.

And while I had the primer gun in my hand:

Hood Wood Flooring Plastic Plastic bag

No one will ever know!
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