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right guys

chevy v8 facory bellhousing, cast aluminium, fits saginaw 3 and 4 speeds, muncie's, and I think b/w super T10's (no cracks or splits)
- fits chevy v8's, and also the late chevy straight sixes

I know for a fact that an old boy stock car racing mate has used this type of bellhousing to fit an early transit gearbox to a chevy v8, so in theory you could use it to fit a chevy v8 onto a scimitar 4 speed overdrive box - we were contemplating doing this, needs a few holes drilling, and a spacer making up

50 of your finest english pounds, may also have a 168 tooth chevy manual flywheel to go with this, but that would be extra $$$

- only selling as I seem to have more bellhousings than gearboxes!!

free delivery to southern swapmeet (essex), any of the big-ish shows throughout the year - or can courrier / post at cost - bellhousing is light, cast iron flywheel is, er, not
- or collect from abergele, north wales

payment wise, would prefer a cheque in advance (skint!) - but COD is ok too

cheers -kev
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