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Been stripping the top end of the engine as I have had an ongoing issue for a long time with cooling system over pressurizing , it got worse with steam coming out of the exhaust
The job so far as been a bastard so much to take off , I finally got the head off to find what looks like a crack in the liner on no4 cylinder about 1 inch long on the carbon ring , in this area it was brown rusty /pitted and looked like it had been letting coolant through
The gasket s laminated steel with a coated layer of thin black sealant , on no4 there was a trace in one spot of a leak
The head looks ok I checked with straight edge and no signs of warping but I am going to drop off at machine shop for light skim to be on the safe side (it will have to be light as the valve seats are angled and very close to the surface ) the replacement gasket I have allows for skim
I had to make a puller to remove the liner out of 10mm plate x 40 mm wide and shaped to the bottom of the liner ,just managed to fit between the crank and liner , above I made a u section that bridged the top of the liner then used a long M20 bolt through the bridge and base plate, nice steady winding and the liner came out
I was surprised when I removed the sump to find balance shafts that are geared to the crank as well as oil jets that squirt up into the pistons , more bike technology than a diesel
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