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picked this up earlier in the year, but havent used it loads.
would like fundage for something else, so its now up for sale.
during the time ive had it is has been kept inside in a dry environment, and covered to protect it.

its a 1975 CB 125S. being a pre-76 S model, it has the tach, and a few other things they dropped on the later J spec bikes.
suffice to say, a bike like this is becoming quite rare now, and values seem to be appreciating quite quickly.
its quite quick for what it is, will cruise comfortably at 60, and do 70+ at a push. does 100mpg, redlines at 9.5k!! kicks out 12hp. so its a nice little CBT legal commuter bike, or a good learner bike too. they're a very fun, forgiving ride. everyone whos ridden it comes back with a big smile on their face saying how much they like it, ranging form royal enfield riders to bandit riders!!

this particular example is in very good condition, original paint and decals on the tank- green is a '75 only colour. ( side covers have been repainted, in the correct colour- they have a habit of falling off if not located correctly as had happened with this one so one has been replaced- I also replaced the retaining rubbers so they're held on tighter) all the chome is good, all lighting original and undamaged. basically, tis exactly as it should be, all totally original and unmolested.
milage is a genuine 23600 miles thats less than 700 miles for every year of its life.

I recently replaced the tacho cable and gave the carb a good clean out, as old fuel was making it run a bit doggy, but its sweet now.

the only minor bad points-
seat wears a bit of gaffer tape on each side. repro replacements are available.
it needs a clean- was sparkly not that long ago but I havent cleaned it after last time I rode it. suffice to say when I got time I will give it a damn good clean and polish and post up more, better, higher resolution pics.
one fork seal weeps slightly. its not a major leak, and I will get some seals and replace them before it goes anyway.

price- £550 including a fresh MOT- currently not tested, but will MOT for buyer before collection, I think this is a good price considering the condition, and judging what they're selling for on ebay- the last two to sell on there went for £580 and £650 respectively, and neither were in as good condition. theres another on ebay now at £480 with 3 days left, thats had a rather amateur respray.......

located in colchester, can deliver anywhere at cost, as I have a pickup truck.
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