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our most recent container has just been loaded in georgia by my cousin.the container has got a 59 appachee (the body came earlier),55 truck(only done 70,000 miles,two owners,and fitted with original 260 v8,rare,),a lovely nova,with a 468,glide,ford 9 etc etc.then theres lots an lots of parts,in fact nearly half a peterbilt!
best of all,as far as im concerned,is the fact that theres lots for me old 55.just look at those mutha turbos:tup::tup::tup::tup:8)8)

theres quite a lot of red victor three in there too,along with many parts for folk that have asked me to help get them here.just hope customs dont show too much interest :shake::shake:god only knows how he got all this in there.
the nova is going to a local guy,i expect it will be seen out an about this yr.
i think the 55 truck is sold also.
my cousin ewan has a farm and a haulage business in the deep south,so collecting,storing and loading is so much easier.its a great comfort that he is 100% trustworthy as well as very helpful.4500 miles gap can cause a few issues without this kind of character.
i will be bringing another container back soon,so if anyone needs a bit of help
with parts,then let me know.
alternatively,i could put someone in touch with him if they needed a contact over there for their own purposes.
anyway............cant wait ,mick


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ah,Ewan's incredible ability to fill a
Those turbos will give the 55 a little pick up:tup:
Thanks for the help Mick.
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