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complete beam setup from a '40s ford e83w truck.
its basically the same axle as a stock model A, so a 'heavy' axle, but 5" narrower so a good setup for a smaller rod- T modified, etc.
it has the stock spring in good condition, stock unsplit wishbone in good, undamaged condition with undamaged brake linkage, stock brakes with good cables, unbent trackrod, good steering arms and trackrod ends etc.etc.
very small amount of kingpin play- less than 1mm. i expect this would disappear with a good dose of grease.
plus a pair of 17" wide 5 ford steels with shagged tyres that are rock hard.
the spindles take pop brakes and hubs, so can easily be converted to 4x108 discs, or you can mod the backplates to accept VW wheel cylinders to keep the trad drums.

only bits missing are the shackles and perch pins, but theyre both the same as model A, not pop = cheap.

some base measurements-
axle depth 2-1/4"
31-1/2" perch to perch
45-1/2" kingpin to kingpin
1-3/4" wide spring, 30-3/4" eye to eye
bones would measure 29" if cut, then plus your bungs and ends obviously.

£200 the lot, located in colchester.
Pm me, or 07813289931.
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