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Just had a phone call from a mate who's been slowly restoring quite a mint original GT Capri, mileage is 17000 on the clock but that could be missing a 1 or even 2 in front as the old clocks reset at 100,000 .Circumstance mean he's now got to sell at about 90% complete but it's mainly just refitting and fettling, all done and painted in original colours. I'm popping up to see it tomorrow to get an idea of how good and to chat prices with him.

He's only done 2 bits of welding inside one arch and it still has its original jacking points !!

Now, much as Marian wants me to buy it for us I'm trying to be realistic and not succumb to temptation ! So ,if anyone is looking out for one give me a shout and I'll give you an honest appraisal and what price he's after. He doesn't want messers , he's got E bay for that !

It won't be giveaway money, after all we all know what they are worth finished now ( more than I can afford :() but it will be realistic as he WANTS to sell.

This isn't a for sale as such more a heads up for those looking . I won't be making anything on this either , just trying to hook up with a buyer for a mate and I'll put you in direct contact with him.

Hope this is OK mods if not I won't be upset if removed. Just I won't be able to take pictures when I see it because of where it's currently located.
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