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what a feature on Bigjobs brilliant restoration of the legend that is Henry Hirise.

Even get a centrespread to put up next to my original :smoke:

Don't matter how you do it, sell ya Nanna go and buy CC !


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Nice one, well deserved.

One thing: they take a pop at Str**t M*ch*ne for featuring it on the cover two months after CC featured Henry, but I don't remember the CC feature at all. Does anyone else?

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Looks like a great article, though I am yet to read it. Love the look of the car, and another awesome centrefold to put up in the workshop amongst the other CC and Street Gasser centrefolds.

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...but I don't remember the CC feature at all. Does anyone else?
It was shot outside the Slick tricks workshop before the car was finished. It had the flip front sat on the floor in front of the car because it had yet to be mounted, they said it was the mould. Because they hadn't fitted the rad they stuck a flexi top hose on the engine & aimed it under the engine saying the rad was in the boot!

I think the reason they did it when they did was because Steve "Would I lie to you, have I the imagination to make it up" Myatt was a CC staffer & used to hang around at Slick Tricks.

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Is it in the shops yet ??

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Yes indeed. Very interesting feature on Henry Hirise. What a crackin job. :tup: And did I spot an R'n'S sticker on the boot? :cool:

Nice little piccie of my Cresta at Wheels Day too. Now I feel guilty for moaning about CC last month. :S

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Got my copy yesterday and that was the first part of the mag i went to.
So well done Bigjob for a job well done.:tup: And another mention for rodsnsods whats that three months in a row now.
just goes to show what a great site everybody has made this place.
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