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For once unforeseen circumstances might of been a good thing! Due to several changes in 3 peoples lives we are now able to offer far more services!

2 close friends of mine are now operating a workshop here in somerset. Its a hobby shop really. But they said they are willing to work on anything as they aren't too busy at present.

Both come from the world of Drag Racing over 85 years experience between them. In the last 2 seasons they've maintained 3 race cars between them totally of 8500BHP. I've worked with both regularly of race teams and they work to a high professional standard. They are even willing to let non V8 engines in the engine room (that REALLY is a big deal)

We can build any engine, to any spec (within the laws of physics and your budget :p)
We have regular access to shipping containers from the states too so parts aren't a problem.
We can carry out all mechanical repairs, servicing, body repairs, and electrical jobs etc...
We can build custom cars, hotrods, street rods, race cars, road cars, kit cars etc etc...
Engine conversions are not a problem either, we believe bigger is always better!
We can build ICE installs to order
And we can even do interiors too

Here are some pics of what we have built recently....

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Sky
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Light Automotive design Automotive lighting
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tread Gas Auto part
Automotive lighting Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Automotive design Automotive exterior
Wood Gas Motor vehicle Auto part Automotive exterior
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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