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DETONATORS CC Breakfast Meet

After a late night listening to the Boxing how about an early morning run in the rain and wind to the Secret Cafe :shake:

So set your alarms as it's the Detonators CC "London Rumble" breakfast meet this Sunday those who snooze loose and if you don't come you'll probably have to go shopping !

As always park up eat breakfast, drink tea, and talk bollox about the bargains you might find for your pre 49er at the NSRA swap meet in March, how much horse power your pinto powered rod puts out, roof chops, channeling, metal flake, shades of satin black and show off your wheels……………………………………… burn outs as it can lead to indigestion after a healthy breakfast and we all know how much tyres cost!

When ? Last Sunday of the month from 8.30am to 11.00 am-ish
or when-ever we all bugger off

Where ? Oxleas Woods, Secret Café, Crown Woods Lane,
Top of - Shooters Hill, London, SE18 3JA

See you there.

PS Breakfast Meet Car Stickers now available £1.00 each.....what a bargain ask for Crazy Paul
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