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hello all i'm dave from coventry, new to this forum, found it on the offchance as i'm currentlly clearing out my garage selling up as i fancy a change, i'm an oldschool car nut, often at santa pod/avon park whatching the drag-racing-currenttly building a "just on the verge of road legal" mini with a turbo motor, but need to get myself a fairly small practicl rwd daily, other than the mini i cant stand front wheel drive & i refuse to drive somat newer than a 1992
do basicly all the work on my motors myself & if i cant i have to learn as i have no motor vehicle type mates to help me out when shit go's per shaped booo effing hooo hooo hoooooo!!!

so thats a little about me, also recently lost my job so decided now is a good a time as any to have a good clear out n start a fresh!

my car history is minis vw's aircooled & diesel t25s i actually like metros "sorry" i did build a metro with a 1.8 on a 1.1 plastic bearing cage gearbox & managed to get some decent times at the pod with it, 15 seconds dead aint bad for metro is it, all rod legal,seats n stereo, hada triumph 2500s, brilliant cars, a 3 cyclinder diesel daihatsu hijet-worst car ever-i can cycle faster than these, must be the most pointless diesel engien ever made!!! topped out at 55mph & accelleration was crap, you got more of a shove if someone was pushing it!!! not had anything v8 yet as i have'nt the garage space!

my next daily i am after has to be a small rwd vehicle! i cant bear the thought of driving a modern!!!!!

anyhow i'm off for a wander to look the other areas
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