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I’ve got a couple of motors that I’m looking to move on as part of my fund raising efforts….

454 Chevy vortec motor. Gen 6 - casting number 10237297. Complete minus fuel injection, including iron exhaust manifolds, alternator, starter, water pump. Perfect for a carb conversion - would need carb, intake and dizzy. 46k miles when pulled out of a Winnebago that had been smashed. £1600

daimler 250 Hemi complete. Carbs need full rebuild. Intake is there. Have some linkage parts. Has starter, Dynamo, Daimler cast iron exhaust manifolds. Heads fully reconditioned. All new ignition bits, inc a new coil, cap and rotor, leads. Water pump. All built up. Motor came from a running car and has just been cleaned and painted with new gaskets. Torque convertor, used BW35 auto. Spare BW35 for spares (has a crack in the case. Could be welded and otherwise it’s ok). £2000

would consider offers, but they aren’t boat anchors, so please be reasonable ;)

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